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Profielnorm designs, manufactures and

installs mezzanine floors
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International Project Manager

In this position you are responsible for the progress and process of all projects of the PRN-Group. You represent the PRN-Group from quote to delivery. As such this is a challenging position with a high level of responsibility!

You are the primary point of contact for external customers. You remain in touch with them on site, by phone, or email on the status of projects. You visit the project locations on a regular basis to monitor progress. You search for fitting solutions when obstacles threaten to obstruct the process.

Within the organization you are the link between the various departments. You are continually in conversation with the Engineering Department, as well as Purchasing and Production to coordinate possibilities and tackle bottlenecks. To achieve this you participate in various meetings.

You are an enthusiastic individual who thinks in terms of solutions. You collaborate closely with the Master Planner.
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