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Steel mezzanine floor | Profielnorm

Are you looking for a way to create more space for your business? Profielnorm creates more space for you with a steel mezzanine floor. All our mezzanines are produced completely in-house and are custom-made. We would like to give you more information about a steel mezzanine floor.

A steel mezzanine floor

A steel mezzanine floor can be the ideal solution for your storage shortage problem. Make optimal use of your available space. A steel mezzanine floor is a smart solution for long-term, but also for short-term. An industrial mezzanine floor can easily be assembled and disassembled. Do you temporarily no longer need the extra space? You can choose to store it because a mezzanine floor from Profielnorm retains its value.

Why a steel mezzanine floor?

Why would you choose a steel mezzanine floor and not a wooden mezzanine floor? We know that there are many ways to build a mezzanine floor, but steel is probably the best material. That’s why Profielnorm only produces and sells steel mezzanine floors. A big advantage of a steel mezzanine floor is the loading capacity. The loading capacity is very high and the steel columns are built for heavy-duty use. All our mezzanine floors are custom-made and based on your wishes and requirements. We can realize loads up to 4,000 kg/m2 and column grids up to 18 meter.

Steel mezzanine floor | Profielnorm

The price of a steel mezzanine floor

The price of a steel mezzanine floor is depending on your wishes and requirements. We do not have standard prices, because every floor is custom-made, and every customer has different needs. Nevertheless, we can give you a price indication. The price of a mezzanine floor is starting from around 60 euros per square meter, excluding VAT. Feel free to use our price calculator and request your personal quote online.

A mezzanine for your business

Whether you are looking for a mezzanine floor for you warehouse, showroom, fitness, or another business building: Profielnorm has a suitable solution. We design, manufacture, and install your new mezzanine floor.

More information?

Are you curious about the possibilities and would you like to receive more information? Feel free to contact our experts for more information and personal advice. Are you curious about the price? Feel free to use the button below and request your personal quote.

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