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Profielnorm designs, manufactures and

installs mezzanine floors
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Floor finish

Profielnorm uses various kinds of chipboard floor panels. These panels are manufactured to European standards and supplied by Profielnorm in standard P6 grade. The selection comprises:
  • 38 mm P6 lower side white, upper side natural: the basic solution
  • 38 mm P6 lower side white, upper side C-dur deluxe: average non-slip effect, marble-coloured surface
  • 38 mm P6 lower side white, upper side non-slip: high non-slip effect, grey surface
In industrial applications Profielnorm often uses galvanised steel grating which enable optimum smoke ventilation. Grating is available in a range of sizes.

Profielnorm also supplies high quality plywood boards that can cope with high point loads and offer a lot of grip.

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