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Custom-made mezzanine floors

Profielnorm supplies more dan 2,000 new mezzanine floors every year. To give you some examples, you will find Profielnorm case studies here. These mezzanine floors are built and delivered entirely based on the customer’s specification.

Storage mezzanine floor with two levels

Quick facts:
  • Mezzanine floor area: 4,822 m2
  • Floor load of the mezzanine floor is 500 kg/m2
  • Large spans up to 9,500 mm
  • Two levels, with the second level having a height of 7,576 mm

The challenge:

This customer continues its growth and expand. Both in volume and product range. In addition to the well-known range of shoes, the customer also wanted to offer fashion. Instead of rebuilding, they were looking for another solution to make optimal use of the current space in their warehouse.

Our solution:

Profielnorm, together with one of its regular resellers, has made a proposal for the supply and installation of a multi-tier mezzanine floor. The existing runways and machines had to be considered in the column grid design. Standard bracing was not possible due to the walkways and machinery under the floor. That is why it was decided to apply portal bracing.

Together for the best result

Together with one of our regular resellers, we took on the challenge with a great result. An impressive two-storey storage mezzanine floor is installed for the end customer.

- Ton van Straten,
Internal Sales Manager

More storage space by making optimal use of the height of the building

The customer had the plan to further expand their assortment. In addition to the well-known shoe assortment, the customer had the plan to start selling clothing. This required a lot of extra storage space and the customer started looking for a suitable solution.

A possible solution could have been to rebuild or relocate, but the customer looked for another solution and ended up with Profielnorm and a regular reseller of Profielnorm. A multi-tier storage mezzanine floor has been chosen to make optimum use of the height and space of the current building. Rebuilding or relocating was therefore no longer necessary.

Profielnorm, together with one of its regular resellers, has made a proposal for the supply and installation of a multi-tier mezzanine floor for this customer. It was important to take into account the existing runways and machines in the building during the design of the mezzanine. Standard bracing was therefore not possible, so there was decided to apply portal bracing for this mezzanine floor project.

An additional challenge in this project came when it turned out that the subfloor as not strong enough for the column pressure calculated by Profielnorm. After measuring on location, the drawings of the mezzanine floor were made. It was important to determine the column positions. After the customer’s approval, a contractor sawed holes in the subfloor and drove piles on which the columns could later be placed so that the problem with the column pressure was solved.

After the approval process and production in the factories of Profielnorm in Tholen, the deliveries could start. In total, this project was produced and delivered in four phases. Profielnorm took care of the supplies and the relevant reseller of Profielnorm for the assembly of the mezzanine floor.

To ensure that the customer’s business could continue undisturbed, the installation of the mezzanine floor took place during the nights between 24.00h and 7.00h. In total, the process from the moment of the official assignment to the end of the assembly took about 10 weeks.

Should the customer wish to expand their assortment even further in the future, the mezzanine floor supplied is prepared for any extensions. This way, Profielnorm can easily expand the mezzanine floor later.

View the photos of this storage mezzanine floor below. Are you looking for a tailor-made solution for the storage of your goods? Feel free to contact our professionals for personal advice or request a quote without obligation via our website.
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