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Mezzanine projects

Custom-made mezzanine floors

Profielnorm supplies more than 2,000 new mezzanine floors every year. To give you some examples, you will find Profielnorm case studies here. These mezzanine floors are built and delivered entirely based on the customer’s specification.

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Quick facts:
  • An impressive project with a height of 18,400mm
  • Special column base due to the maximum column pressure
  • 41 x 29 metres (5 floors)
  • Special steel construction in the conveyor area

The challenge:

The customer wanted the maximum possible number of floors with sufficient free height per floor. The floor load capacity had to be at least 500 kg/m2 distributed load; however, the column pressure on the concrete subfloor was not allowed to become too high. Installing a mezzanine floor with a height of more than 18,400 mm could be difficult in the available space. An extra challenge was the short-term delivery and installation of the multi-tier mezzanine floor.

Our solution:

The theme of the maximum permissible column pressure on the concrete hall floor emerged during the engineering process. After several consultations with our engineering department, we came up with the ultimate solution: a base foot with 8 welded ribs on an extra weighted foot plate of 500x500 mm with a horizontally welded connection plate for the passage to the top. To be able to achieve a height of more than 18,000 mm and to be able to perform this properly from an assembly point of view, a division in the column length has been chosen.
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Patrick de Nijs | Area Sales Manager

Unanimous willingness to solve problems

Perfect coordination within Profielnorm and constructive communication with both customer and end customer have resulted in this mezzanine floor at a great height! A masterpiece!

- Patrick de Nijs,
Area Sales Manager

A challenging mezzanine floor with a great height

It does happen more often; some mezzanine floors are even larger and sometimes more complex than others. Profielnorm had previously delivered a mezzanine floor this end customer via one of the key accounts. The end customer already knew that he would be at the right place with this project. This project of more than 5,000 m2 could not be called large in surface area, but it turned out to be challenging to realise the desired height of more than 18,000 mm through a stable mezzanine construction.

The problem of being able to produce such a high mezzanine floor could be tackled. Limiting the column pressure of 5 floors on a standard hall floor was a different story. Partly due to the expertise of our engineers and the conviction towards our clients, we have been able to come up with the perfect solution for this. A specially constructed base with a reinformed floor plate was therefore able to solve this problem 100%. This once again showed that cooperation between the various departments within Profielnorm and by consulting the customer can lead to the desired result! This is an important advantage at Profielnorm, we have the entire process in our own hands.

In addition to the storage of goods, conveyors are also used on these mezzanine floors. These had to be placed according to a certain concept of walking lines. All in all, this was also a test of competence for the entire Profielnorm team. Application of different profiles in strength and height had to be calculated so that application on the floor would be possible.

The 2 5-storey stairwells used are made of special anti-slip floor plates. This is to enable long-term use and to guarantee the safety.

This was a wonderful project for Profielnorm to carry out. With this we clearly present a masterpiece, but without our highly valued customer and end customer this would certainly not have been possible!

View the photos of this high multi-tier mezzanine floor. Will you soon be faced with a challenge to make optimal use of the space in your industrial hall? Contact Profielnorm for personal advice and a suitable price proposal. You can also request a quote easily and directly online.
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