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Mezzanine projects

Custom-made mezzanine floors

Profielnorm supplies more than 2,000 new mezzanine floors every year. To give you some examples, you will find Profielnorm case studies here. These mezzanine floors are built and delivered entirely based on the customer’s specification.

Dedicated system integration solution

Quick facts:
  • 70 x32 metre (4 levels)
  • Column pitch according to concrete pillars in the floor slab 5.4 x 5 metre
  • Up to 12,200 mm height
  • >10,000 m2 surface

The challenge:

Create more space for this business with a four-tier mezzanine floor without interrupting the work. The steel construction had to support a hanging material handling system and had to secure a free running system.

Our solution:

A new mezzanine floor with a special stability design to give the customer a 100% free access and clear space with no blocking cross braces. Installation by our installation professionals with no effective hinder for the customer, so they could continue their business undisturbed.
Mezzanine flooring specialist
Johan Bazen | Managing Director | CCO

No effective hinder

For the customer it was of paramount importance that they could stay operational during the installation of the mezzanine floor. Thanks to our teams and professional installation, we have built their new mezzanine floor while they could continue their business. A big project and there was no effective hinder.

- Johan Bazen,
Managing Director | CCO

How to support a hanging material handling system

The main purpose for this steel construction is to support a hanging material handling system.

This mezzanine floor steel construction consists of one main steel tower with 4 levels and a smaller steel construction (1 level) above a concrete platform. For the main tower, the bottom three levels are equipped with wooden floors (top ‘natural’, underside white), kickplate, and handrails.

The top level is only for supporting the hanging equipment. The smaller steel construction is also only for supporting the hanging equipment and is not a floor.

The connection of the hanging garment system towards the profiles needed an extra row of holes in the purlins. Profielnorm engineered a dedicated solution in consultation with the customer. We also had to make a special design in terms of simultaneous factor for the concrete floor to handle the new four-tier mezzanine floor of Profielnorm.

Next to this, Profielnorm added a special stability design to secure a free running system on the mezzanine floor and give the customer a 100% free access and clear space. Therefore, there are no blocking cross braces used in this mezzanine floor construction.

Profielnorm realised this project on time and within the budget of the customer. Very important for the customer was to stay operational during the installation of the mezzanine floor. Our professional installation team installed the new mezzanine floor while the customer could continue their business. There was no effective hinder occurred by our installation team.

Have a look at this special project with the photos below. Are you looking for a tailor-made solution for your business? Feel free to contact us for personal advice or directly request a quote online. Profielnorm creates more space for your business based on your specification.
Project gallery

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