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Profielnorm designs, manufactures and

installs mezzanine floors
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Corporate Social Responsibility Profielnorm

We take responsibility for the effects of our business activities. Thanks to conscious choices, we aim for a balance between People, Planet and Profit. Profielnorm bears responsibility for society through corporate social responsibility.

Circular construction

Circular construction is all about the smart use of raw materials, products and goods. It is a cycle in which the products can be reused. Profielnorm is aware of the possibilities and advantages of circular construction and pays a lot of attention to this. The products that are used (such as steel and wood) are fully reusable. Profielnorm only produces the required material for the mezzanine floor, which means that we have virtually no waste. If any wood remains in the production process, we recycle it in our own factories.

FSC wood

We can also supply the most circular building material, FSC wood, for your mezzanine floor. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organization committed to conservation and responsible forest management worldwide. Our mezzanine floors are available with FSC wood.

Sustainability at Profielnorm

We are constantly working on making it more sustainable. The roof of our location on Slabbecoornweg in Tholen is fully equipped with solar panels. Solar panels are an environmentally friendly way to generate energy. In addition, we do everything we can to make transport movements more sustainable. By optimizing the logistics process, we try to minimize the number of transports.

Corporate Social Responsibility | Profielnorm

Very customizable

Our mezzanine floors are highly adaptable and have the option of disassembly. The mezzanine floors are easy to break down, recycle and move. This way we can grow with you, renovate easily, move mezzanine floors, reuse and recycle them. We also use cold rolling. An important advantage of cold rolled compared to hot rolled is that the waste percentage of a roll of strip steel is less than 2%. With hot rolled steel we work with a fixed length (which you then saw to size), while with cold rolled we use a roll of strip steel. You can imagine that a lot more waste is created by customizing it yourself by hot rolled. We minimize emissions.

Building BREEAM

BREEAM has been the certification method for a sustainably built environment since 2009. Using this method, projects can be assessed on integral sustainability. BREEAM stands for sustainable, cost-effective, healthy and future proof.

Profielnorm and BREAAM building

Worldwide, BREAAM is the most widely used sustainability label. Profielnorm can build your mezzanine floor BREEAM-Proof. We have experience with building according to this certification. A mezzanine floor according to this certification requires extra effort, as additional requirements are imposed on your mezzanine floor.

Curious about the possibilities for a BREAAM certified mezzanine floor?

Are you curious about the possibilities for a BREEAM certified mezzanine floor? Our experts are happy to help you! Please feel free to contact us and discover what we can do for you. From personal advice and design to professional installation: we take care of it for you and continue to innovate and develop.
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